Room 01-Museum Universidad de Navarra


9.00.      Opening remarks. Mónica Herrero, Dean of the School of Communication. Alberto N. García. Organizing Committee.

9.30.       Keynote session 1: Steven Peacock (University of Hertfordshire): “Television Drama: an Aesthetic Understanding?”

10.45.     Coffee Break

11.00.     Panel 1: Is this Art? On Aesthetic Boundaries

“Experimenting with the Filmic Medium: Cinematic Art and TV Series” (Ariane Hudelet)

“The Art of Writing Television Series” (Lothar Mikos)

“The Aesthetics of Disgust. Contemporary Seriality and abjection” (Alberto N. García and María J. Ortiz)

Chair: Richard Kilborn (University of Stirling)

12.30.     Panel 2: Landscape I: Symbolism

“The Meaning of the Antiheroic and Barbaric Landscape inGame of Thrones(HBO, 2011-): the Impossible Represented” (Gutiérrez and Diego)

“Fargo: Expressive Potentialities of Landscape” (Pablo Echart and María Noguera)

“Fashion & History : the example of the French World War 2 drama Un Village français(France 3, 2009-2017)” (Marjolaine Boutet)

Chair: Fernando Canet (Universitat Politècnica de València)

14.00.     Lunch.

15.30.     Keynote session 2. Guglielmo Pescatore and Paola Bembrilla (Università di Bologna): “Comics TV Rises. Practices and Aesthetics, Shifting from Paper to Television”

16.45.     Coffee Break

17.00.     Panel 3:  Music, Paintings, Gastronomy

“Serial Jewelry. The Role of Pop Songs in the Opening Titles of Quality Television Series” (Daniela Cardini)

“What makes Today’s TV Series so Different, so Appealing?” (María de Lourdes López Gutiérrez)

“Nourishment for the Eyes. The Representation of Food in Quality TV Series” (Emanuele Licitra)

Chair: Pablo Echart (Universidad de Navarra)

18.30      Visit to the Museum Universidad de Navarra

19.30      TV-Series Premiere: Legion (the new FX series by Noah Hawley, Fargo’s executive producer)

20.30      Dinner. Restaurante Huarte.



9.00.       Keynote session 3: Jason Jacobs (University of Queensland): “The Authority of Eloquence”.

10.15.     Panel 4: TV as an artistic meta-discourse

“Art inMiami Vice: ‘The Lost Madonna’” (Paul Davies)

“A piece of TV or a Pretentious Art Film? Influences of Art inHannibal” (Marta Kaprzyk)

“Mad Men, Admen and Art” (Richard Kilborn and Steve Chinn)

Chair: Pablo Castrillo (Universidad de Navarra)

11.45.     Coffee Break

12.00.     Panel 5: Landscape II: Suspicion and dystopia

“Brave New City: The World-Making ofBlack Mirror” (Øyvind Vågnes)

“Castles and Labyrinths: the Aesthetics of Power and Surveillance in the Post-9/11 Political Thriller Iconography” (Pablo Castrillo)

“Serial Pinboarding as Artistic and Narrative Practice” (Anne Ganzert)

Chair: Héctor J. Pérez (Universitat Politècnica de València)

13.30.     Lunch

15.00.     Keynote session 4. Eduardo Carrero (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona): “From the Middle Ages to the Middle Earth”.

16.15.     Coffee Break

16.30.     Panel 6: Peripheral visions / Horror and Art

“Connotative Dimensions of the Japanese Folklore in a Family Story: Hirokazu Koreeda’sGoing My Home” (Miguel Muñoz Garnica)

“Subverting the Narrative Conventions in Brazilian Television: the MiniseriesCapitu” (Larissa Estevam Christoforo)

“Mimesis and Diegesis in Bryan Fuller’sHannibal” (Raquel Crisóstomo)

“Horror Sensorium, Production Design, and Cinematography inAmerican Horror Story” (Patricia Trapero Llobera and Nuria Vidal Trapero)

Chair: Alberto N. García (Universidad de Navarra)

20.30.   TV-Series Thematic Dinner and show cooking (Hotel Tres Reyes)